The Solution

esolvency is a fully automated platform capable of providing efficient solutions to your financial problems online.

As an option for companies experiencing cashflow problems, and who are wanting a fast, discrete formal insolvency solution as a means of getting back in control of their financial position, we have your solution.

Don’t pay a traditional insolvency firm $15,000 or more to start the insolvency process, try our online platform now to see if you are eligible for our “low cost*” $5,500 online liquidation package for assetless companies, or better yet, our “no cost*” liquidation package for companies with sufficient assets.

*Terms and Conditions apply

The Process

To commence the liquidation process either speak with one of our friendly professional staff by calling 1800 376 583 to see whether you qualify


Complete the fully automated online process by following these simple steps:


Step 1 – Click the apply button below and answer a few simple questions

Step 2 – Based on your answers we will immediately advise whether you qualify for our “No Cost” or “Low Cost” liquidation package

Step 3 – Provide your contact details and we will email you the necessary documents to be executed to commence the liquidation

Step 4 – Upload the Company’s financial statements, MYOB/Xero accounting datafile and bank statements

Step 5 – For the Low Cost liquidation only, pay the low cost contribution of  $5,500

Step 6 – Sign and return the appointment documents and we will immediately commence the liquidation

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